Secretlab Titan Evo 2022 Series review – League of Legends edition

Updated ergonomics make Secretlab’s gaming chair even better, and there are more designs to choose from than ever - say hello to Viego

Our Verdict

Secretlab makes many quality of life improvements to our favourite gaming chair and dresses it up in even more licensed outfits to give your setup some personality.

The Titan Evo 2022 Series is Secretlab’s long-awaited upgrade to its popular 2020 series, and comes with a bevy of upgrades, including upgraded ergonomics, chair material, and even a magnetic head cushion. No more fiddling about with straps – it simply sticks to the chair magically. Beautiful.

I wouldn’t describe myself as a titan, which is perhaps why I struggled to lift the giant box up three flights of stairs to my flat. If you’re getting a sturdy new gaming chair of any kind, you’re in for a bit of a wrangle, but at >35kg the chair itself is a little heavier than many of its ilk, so be warned. There’s no shame in opening the box and carrying up the stairs piece by piece, no matter the look in your neighbour’s eyes.

Fortunately, you don’t need a titanic sized brain to put the chair together. There’s a large pictographic guide and companion video guide, and the pieces all slot together with minimal fuss. Everything you need to build it is in the box. Once assembled, it looks magnificent – there are 107 variations available to choose from according to the Secretlab website, with options to match all tastes, though I am particularly impressed with the hybrid leatherette which is super-sleek and still looks brand new after several weeks of constant use.

I’ve played over 4,000 hours of Dota 2, and about five hours of League, in comparison, so when I found out I’d be reviewing one of the League of Legends models, I was certainly amused – but reassured by the knowledge that everything associated with Riot is always particularly stylish. This Secretlab League of Legends collab is no exception. On the back of the Viego edition, wisps of grey meet turquoise iconography lined with gold, dripping with black ichor. The front and sides of the chair are accented by grey swooshes, and an elegant sword points down along the spine. My heart may lie with Dota, but my body lies on Viego. The chair, I mean. The League of Legends Viego chair.

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Ahem. That is to say, it’s a beautiful chair. It may be big and bulky, but the hybrid leatherette finish and understated embroidery means it doesn’t look gaudy or gimmicky. It’s also supremely comfortable. I don’t feel the need to shift and wriggle around over multiple hours spent at the gaming PC to get comfortable, and the adjustable lumbar support means my lower back is supported throughout the day.

You can raise and lower the support system using a dial on the left of the seat, and the dial on the right controls how pronounced the curve is. I’d have liked it to push out just a little more, but it’s a noticeable improvement in any case.

The edge of the seat is soft and yielding, too, so there’s no discomfort at all, no matter how I choose to arrange my legs. The adjustable ‘4D’ armrests are particularly useful, as the ability to move and rotate them on the horizontal axis means you can line up your forearm and elbow placement specifically. Although the chair offers myriad ways to ensure you’re lined up properly and well supported at your desk, it won’t do you any good if used incorrectly, so take care when setting it up.

I upgraded from a regular office chair that offered minimal cushioning, so you can imagine my delight at having actual back support from the Titan Evo 2022. The seat and back are so firm and supportive it almost brought a tear to my eye.

To compare the chair to its predecessor, the Titan 2020 – which previously held the PCGN crown for best gaming chair – for a small increase in price, you’re getting even more adjustable lumbar support, upgraded fabric, a redesigned, wider seat, and magnetic technology in the swappable armrest covers and head cushion.

The hydraulics have been redesigned, too, and the small and regular versions of the chair stay closer to the ground to ensure you can obtain optimal posture – that is, feet resting on the floor. Sadly, my desk is a little too high, so I need to extend the piston to its maximum height in order to get my forearms parallel with my keyboard, and use a footrest to make up the difference. I could do with an extra few centimetres of boost, but I can’t expect the chair to compensate for all my setup sins.

The Titan Evo 2022 edition is an all around upgrade in every sense, and while other gaming chairs may offer all kinds of fancy RGB add-ons and accessories, I’m much more inclined toward Secretlabs’ stylish design collaborations. They’re essentially the cherry on top of this sleek design, and the Viego edition is truly a delight to behold. If you’re in the market for a new gaming chair under $500 / £400, you’ll be in good hands with the plain Stealth Secretlab Titan 2022 Series, but the extra spent on fancy designs, upholstery, and sizes can truly thread a setup together.