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Ex-Eve devs get $5 million to make their AI-driven MMO


Berlin-based indie studio Klang have secured a total of $5 million to make their AI-driven MMO Seed.

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Klang, founded by two ex-Eve developers, secured the amount in their second equity funding round. The funds will be used to grow the development team, and further support the development of the studio’s upcoming title, Seed.

Seed sees you colonise an alien planet through collaboration, conflict, and player-to-player interaction. You will have to manage your characters in real time and persistent time – so when you log off, communities will continue to spring up, and problems will continue to arise.

The game will use cloud platform Improbable’s SpatialOS, which allows the developers to build and manage games beyond a single-server. This turns Seed into a rich MMO, where you can choose to co-operate, or work against, your fellow colonists.

“We’re extremely honored to receive the backing from these prestigious investors who have the faith in us to realise a dream that began over a decade ago,” said Mundi Vondi, CEO of Klang. “We believe Seed to be a vital part in the next generation of computer games, and it’s exciting to have their trust that we can turn this concept into a reality.”