League of Legends meets Dark and Darker in new extraction RPG

The action RPG systems of League of Legends and the tense extraction gameplay of Dark and Darker collide in new game Seekers of Skyveil, with playtests soon.

Seekers of Skyveil is League of Legends meets Diablo meets Dark and Darker - Lily, a white-haired ice mage with round glasses, raises her staff up into the air.

Take the approachable, action-packed top-down MOBA gameplay of League of Legends and Dota 2, themselves inspired by ARPGs like Diablo and strategy games such as Warcraft 3. Now mix in the tense pacing of PvPvE extraction games such as Escape From Tarkov, Call of Duty DMZ, and Dark and Darker. The result is Seekers of Skyveil, a new ‘extraction RPG’ in a gorgeous fantasy world, one that you could play soon with sign-ups currently live for its first imminent closed alpha gameplay test.

In Seekers of Skyveil, you and your team will choose from a roster of colorful characters and team up to take down all manner of fantastical beasts. You’ll set out on expeditions to bring down increasingly powerful creatures and claim their loot, before attempting to get out with your claimed rewards. However, you aren’t the only squad out for treasure in this PvPvE multiplayer game, so you’ll have to decide how you approach the other Seekers you encounter; fighting them becomes an all-or-nothing battle, and to the victor goes the spoils.

The Seekers you’ll choose from are all distinctive in their designs and abilities, much as you’d expect from the likes of LoL or other hero-driven games such as Overwatch, Apex Legends, and Valorant. So far, developer Elodie Games has revealed four members of its roster, starting with Zuraya, “an experienced warrior in harmony with the wind” who excels at diving into close-quarters combat with her glaive.

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Next we have the towering protector Kumu, clad in bark-like armor and wielding a mace fashioned from thorny vines, capable of shielding and defending their allies. Youthful ice mage and sculptor Lily focuses on conjuring ice forms to control the flow of battle, while ‘unapologetic rebel’ Joon is your essential edgy boy who wields dual pistols in classic Reaper fashion.

Each time you set out you’ll have a limited time to hunt down monsters, synergizing your character’s ability set with those of your two teammates to take on increasingly tougher foes. Your character levels up much like you’d expect from a MOBA, and you can earn more powerful gear by defeating creatures and opening chests around the map – though much in the same way as games like Dark and Darker, you’ll have to successfully extract to claim your rewards.

As you grow in power, you’ll ideally work your way up to take on stronger boss monsters, who can be deadly if encountered too early. Of course, there’s also the ever-present threat of other Seeker crews – perhaps you could work together to bring down a particularly challenging foe, but can you trust them to hand you your share of the spoils and walk away when the dust clears?

Seekers of Skyveil closed alpha sign-up - Joon, Kumu, and Lily, three of the playable characters in this extraction RPG game.

The Seekers of Skyveil closed alpha starts Friday, October 20, and you can sign up now for a chance to join the playtests and help shape the future of the game. Elodie Games says it’s “still deciding what long-term monetization will look like,” but expresses that “we know we don’t want aggressive systems.” It does plan to offer Founder’s Packs at a later date with “priority access to alpha playtests,” but stresses that these won’t be required to play.

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