Sekiro mod lets you play as Raiden from Metal Gear Rising

A Sekiro mod has given players the option to play through the story as Metal Gear Rising's Raiden, going head-to-head with Jetstream Sam

Sekiro mod lets you play as Raiden from Metal Gear Rising: A cyber ninja stands in front of a burning house, holding a katana

In Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice you play as Wolf, a shinobi hell-bent on revenge against a samurai clan that absconded with your master. Fitted with a prosthetic arm and a razor-sharp sword, Wolf cuts through swathes of his enemies to complete his mission. Exceptionally cool, I’m sure you’ll admit, but the soulslike could be cooler. A Sekiro mod now ups the ante by letting you play as Raiden from Metal Gear Solid Rising, because we all know that cyber-ninjas beat shinobi, right?

The extensive Sekiro mod was created by NexusMods user tomanton22 and looks to completely overhaul both the models of Wolf and Genichiro, transforming them into Raiden and Jetstream Sam, respectively. The level of detail in the models alone warrants a look at this mod if you’ve even a passing interest in either Sekiro or Metal Gear, and while feudal Japan isn’t exactly a traditional setting for full-body augmented cyber-ninjas, it somehow doesn’t feel out of place.

Beginning your journey in Sekiro with the MGS mod installed, you play as Prologue Raiden, fresh-faced and with both arms intact. After the meeting with Genichiro (or Jetstream Sam, in this instance) and the subsequent lopping of one’s arm, you wake up as Advanced Raiden. Gunmetal-black and annoyed as hell. It’s a really nice touch and advances the story in the same way the vanilla game does; waking up not knowing your own body or the new powers it may possess.

The customisation options don’t stop there, either, with the mod adding functionality to choose whether or not to wear your visor, with other, more mariachi-themed suits also included.

In addition to the new character models, Sekiro Metal Gear Rising also changes the musical score, adding in MGR’s heavy guitar riffs to battle sequences – again, it shouldn’t fit but it somehow does. The last piece of the puzzle was replacing Sekiro’s deathblow icons with the Zandatsu symbols from MGR, something that absolutely didn’t need to be done, but I’m glad it was.

You can find the Sekiro Metal Gear Rising mod here, and if that whets your appetite, here’s a list of the best Sekiro mods you can install right now. If you’re planning on taking another run at Sekiro with this mod installed, it might be worth checking out our Sekiro bosses guide to beating every boss in the game – you don’t want to be confronting the Demon of Hatred without being prepared, do you?