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Cities Skylines 2 meets Ghost of Tsushima in newly updated Steam game

Sengoku Dynasty brings Cities Skylines 2's building into Ghost of Tsushima's historic Japanese setting, and it's just received a big update.

Cities Skylines 2 meets Ghost of Tsushima in newly updated building game: A man in a headband, from Sengoku Dynasty.

If there’s anything audiences love more than building and managing cities, it’s doing so in historical settings. From Romans: Age of Caesar and the earlier stages of Tropico 6 through to classics like Stronghold, Pharaoh, and Caesar 3, experiencing the past by trying to successfully recreate bygone cities and towns is always an enticing prospect. Sengoku Dynasty fits neatly into this genre, tasking players with creating and taking care of villages in a fictionalized feudal Japan, and, with its latest major update, the Early Access game is in its best shape to date.

Sengoku Dynasty‘s new Kintsugi update launched yesterday on Steam and brings major changes to the city building game informed by player feedback. Aside from technical enhancements meant to improve performance and loading times, creator Superkami has focused on reworking Sengoku Dynasty’s early game in order to provide more options in starting up a new world. These include options to skip quests, customizable game settings, a restructured progression system, and much more.

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The studio has also added new buildings to construct and animals to encounter in its open-world, improved its NPC AI, and refined many other systems encountered while managing villages and trying to survive in its dangerous world.

Superkami recommends players start up a new save file to avoid running into issues caused by the changes introduced in the Kintsugi update. If this is the first you’re hearing of the game, you can learn more about Sengoku Dynasty on Steam right here.

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