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Serious Sam 4 to push on-screen enemy count with top-notch tech

Serious Sam 4

Announced back in 2013, Serious Sam developers Croteam have revealed the fourth series instalment is still happening and that the Serious Engine has received some pretty substantial upgrades. Work on The Talos Principle, the studio’s most recent project, is now complete, thus Sam is once again their main focus. 

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Speaking to Reboot magazine, Croteam’s marketing officer Damjan Mravunac spoke of how the Serious Engine has been optimised and that Serious Sam 4 will use photogrammetry and motion capture techniques.

The game’s plot will take place before the events of its forerunner and push series traits such as piling as many characters into the screen at once, this time with more realism and high quality image fidelity than before.

During the interview, designer Davor Tomicic also speaks of how working with just the right amount of team members is essential to making a good game – too few doesn’t work, yet too many can also wind up with equally negative results. “When it comes to game design, usually a few of us vets sit down and decide on the core of the game,” he says. “Our experience taught us that too many or too few people participating in this part won’t work.

“If there’s too few people, then every new man brings something new to the table, and with too many people it gets too crowded, we can’t really agree on anything and the whole process gets slowed down and looks like there’s no direction whatsoever.”

This is how Croteam managed through The Talos Principle’s development and is an ethos they’re carrying onwards into developing Serious Sam 4.

No release date for now, but it’s nice to know Serious Sam’s fourth outing is still happening.

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