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Sons of the Forest style horror FPS launches its first Steam playtest

Serum, an upcoming survival horror FPS that channels Sons of the Forest, Green Hell, and BioShock, has just launched its first big playtest.

Sons of the Forest style horror FPS launches its first Steam playtest: The face of a skeletal figure from Serum.

One of the more intriguing PC games set to come out this year is Serum. A BioShock inflected science fiction take on gruelling, frequently terrifying survival games like Sons of the Forest, The Forest, and Green Hell, the debut from Game Island looks to blend its horror influences into something new. Though we still have a bit of a wait before it’s set to launch in the next few weeks, those interested in getting an early look at Serum right away are in luck as the game has just launched its first big playtest on Steam.

Serum takes a woodsy horror game formula and gives it more of an action focus that calls to mind a leafier Amnesia: The Dark Descent or Alien: Isolation. Players assume the role of a character who must take regular doses of a mysterious serum as they try to survive in a apocalyptic future landscape overrun with mutant animals. To do so, they’ll craft weapons and traps, regularly harvest serum from the local flora and fauna, and brew various types of the serum they need to give their character important buffs.

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Serum is set to come out in Early Access on Steam before the end of Q2 of this year, and a press release marks that date as arriving within “a matter of weeks.” Its playtest is set to run until Thursday May 2 and includes a section of the game — two of its biomes — in its pre launch form. To request access to its ongoing playtest on Steam, click right here.

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