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SGDQ 2019 kicks off this Sunday with Spyro and Portal 2

Another Games Done Quick is nearly upon us

It’s summer, that means it’s time to burn through some videogames at exceptional speed. Summer Games Done Quick 2019 is upon us, as the event is scheduled to start on Sunday, June 23 – or tomorrow, as of this story. Things kick off with a run of the remade Spyro the Dragon, and will continue for seven days before SGDQ concludes on Saturday, June 29.

The show starts at 10:00 PDT / 13:00 EDT / 18:00 BST on Twitch, and you can catch a load of SGDQ replays on the channel up until the kickoff with Spyro. Day one will also bring us a single-player, in-bound run of Portal 2, an any% run of Devil May Cry, and a Final Doom showcase – not to mention the myriad non-PC classics running throughout the afternoon.

The SGDQ 2019 schedule also includes the Resident Evil 2 remake, notable because GDQ organisers have typically shied away from putting on anything hyper-violent – but hey, I guess that run of RE7 last year was successful enough for things to change.

We’re also going to get a full Borderlands 2 co-op run covering every quest in the game – not a bad way to catch up heading into the Borderlands 3 release date.

You can check out the full game lineup at the official site.

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As always, donations for SGDQ go to support Doctors Without Borders. The summer event has never failed to set a new donation record each year, so here’s hoping 2019 follows suit.