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Stunning Steam roguelike gets launch date, but you can try it now

Shadow of the Depth just got a release date, as the Steam roguelike channels the likes of Hades and Enter the Gungeon with great style.

Shadow of Depth Steam release date

Shadow of the Depth is a gorgeous-looking roguelike with hand-drawn visuals and top-down action, and it’s out in Steam Early Access really soon. Channeling the style of Hades and the gameplay of something close to Enter The Gungeon, there’s a lot of fast-paced action to get around. If you can’t wait for the full release date I also have great news – there’s a demo you can try right now.

You’ll have five playstyles to pick from in Shadow of the Depth: Arthur’s melee combat, Arya’s dual daggers, Stephanie’s fire, frost, and lightning magic, Phyllis’ archery, and Ginzo’s extended katana range. The roguelike game wants you to experiment and see what works for you, before combining that with everything else it offers.

As PCGamesN’s resident enjoyer of games like Hades and Enter the Gungeon, Shadow of the Depth feels like a roguelike built specifically for me (and for you, if you’re here). The five-person team at developer ChillyRoom adds that an ever-changing labyrinth will stand in your way, so experimenting with each character and getting their rhythm-based combos down is a must.

There are over 140 passive abilities for your run’s build too, and gorgeous hand-painted visuals that are, to no one’s surprise, evoking Hades in my mind.

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Shadow of the Depth comes out in Steam Early Access on Tuesday, April 23, with a demo available right now too.

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