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Shadow Realms: BioWare teases a new game about losing your car keys

Shadow Realms teaser

It’s been five years since BioWare released a game that wasn’t set in a pre-existing universe, but a new teaser trailer from the studio suggests something that has bugger all to do with lightsabers, dragons or space. 

EA filed a trademark for “Shadow Realms” a while back, and the thumbnail for the teaser shares the name. Unfortunately this doesn’t make things any clearer, as the teaser is a live action trailer about a man in a hoody who seems to have lost his car keys. Take a gander below. 

The trailer links to this site, which is bereft of details. 

An ominous message accompanying the trailer makes it clear that we’ll find out more at Gamescom next month. 

“The time is near

They are watching

Your power is rising

Cologne, Germany

You’ve Been Chosen”

Alright, then. 

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[PWNY] Fluttersnipe avatarcakey avatarMrAbrahms avatar
[PWNY] Fluttersnipe Avatar
3 Years ago

But you don't need to worry about your car keys since you're already in your car, apparently.

cakey Avatar
3 Years ago

This was in my inbox under the header "You have been chosen" after i saw it wasn't spam i though i was in some super secret alpha. Turns out nope this.

MrAbrahms Avatar
3 Years ago

Same, except when I tried to look at it I got a 500 internal server error.