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New Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay shows impaling enemies and the Warrrsaw

A big demon about to get killed in a village square

New gameplay footage of Shadow Warrior 2 has surfaced with all the impaling, slicing and decapitating of the first-person slasher's original reboot.

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Polish YouTuber Tomek Drabik visited Flying Wild Hog at their Warsaw offices for a look at how they're getting on with the sequel to Lo Wang's 2013 reboot.

The new footage (which starts around 2:44 in the video, and you can turn on auto-translate to get the jist of what Drabik's saying in his native Polish) shows off a few of the new enemy types, as well as powers Wang has acquired to better eviscerate foes.

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One of the weapons you can use is basically a chainsaw which Flying Wild Hog have cleverly named the Warrrsaw in reverence to their hometown and also the fact that it is a saw that you use for war and it goes "rrrr". Really top tier stuff, here.

It also appears there's an upgrade system you can use for RPG-like alteration of weapon properties, to do freezing or electrical damage for example.

Aside from the slashy tools, there's also a gun and grenade launcher to swap to for the bigger enemies or for a bit more range than dashing provides.

Still no word on a release date yet other than the rapidly disappearing 2016 window, but it is looking incredibly far along in the process so expect word soon.

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