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Shadow Warrior 2 gameplay vid teaches master-class in co-op slaughter and subtle double-entendre

A big demon about to get killed in a village square

Devolver’s Shadow Warrior 2 E3 gameplay video is as gloriously ridiculous and over-the-top as we’ve come to expect, Lo Wang carves through a level full of demons firing one-liners as fast as machine-gun rounds. We learn that he’s not just a master ninja assassin, but a man of rare wit.

“Be vewwy vewwy quiet, I’m hunting dickheads,” Wang says, revealing that he’s not only a master of Wang-related punnery, but erudite cultural references. Then he gets back to the work of chopping bigger demons into pieces, turning them into smaller demons that he can then dispatch in a rain of blood.

It makes Big Trouble in Little China look like Ulysses.

Still, you have to give Shadow Warrior 2 to credit for just how many different ways Wangs can kill monsters, and how much of a jackass he can be while doing it. It looks like a pretty good run-and-gun shooter at a time when there aren’t many of its ilk.

You can see the new, more open level design, climbing, stealth attacks on display throughout this demo, which also serves to advertise Flying Wild Hog’s new engine, Road Hog 2

Shadow Warrior 2 is due out in 2016.