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Shadow Warrior 2 gets October 13 release date – new trailer, old Wang jokes

Shadow Warrior 2 release date

Lo Wang is at it again – yes, that is his name, let’s never mention it again – in the latest trailer for the forthcoming Shadow Warrior 2, cutting, shooting and quipping his way through a new batch on faceless enemies. This time, however, we’ve got a release date – October 13 – which means we’re just over a month away from getting our hands on the katana-heavy shooter.

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Shadow Warrior 2 is a sequel to 2013’s franchise reboot of the first 1997 Shadow Warrior game, but it shares very little in common with it. Going from non-linear levels to open-world, vertically scalable maps, Shadow Warrior 2 looks like an ambitious leap for indie developers Flying Wild Hog. The sequel will also feature four-player online co-op and a procedural loot system, adding plenty of variety to the already colourful gameplay.

The new trailer is just one, sweeping, highly choreographed camera-pan that shows Lo Wang and co. brutally gouging, eviscerating, slicing and shooting an array of humans and demons in glorious slow-motion. Lo Wang’s three allies all appear to have a distinct style, from a heavy-set assassin wielding a minigun, to a more nimble character who has stopped amid the bloodshed to take a selfie with one of the slain demons. Whether or not you’ll be able to take selfies with your kills is still unknown.

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