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Shenmue 3 has real-time turtle racing

Turtle racing hits Shenmue 3

One of Shenmue’s big selling points back on the Dreamcast was the fact that events all happened in real time, according to a truncated in-game clock. That’s no longer revolutionary, but it is still a core part of Shenmue 3, and that still means you’re going to want minigames to pass the time. For this game, that means turtle racing.

Yes, you can place your bets on surprisingly tiny turtles and cheer your preferred little guy on to success, as gameplay videos from E3 this year have demonstrated. You put money down, choose a turtle, and mash buttons to make sure your chosen shelled reptile makes it across the finish line first.

It fits right in with all the other gambling minigames that have populated Shenmue over the years, and there are still plenty of options in Shenmue 3’s town of Bailu, ranging from Lucky Hit to some old-fashioned dice rolling. But as the barker shouts, turtle racing “is the only way to get rich quick in Bailu.” (He would probably know.)

You can watch those turtles being raced in the gameplay video below, first at 2:30, then at 8:50.

Oh, and you can stick around to the video’s end for some capsule machine action.

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Shenmue 3 won’t hit Steam for the foreseeable future, but it will hit the Epic store and consoles on November 19.