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New Shenmue III info coming at Gamescom


In today’s Kickstarter update regarding Shenmue III, developers Ys Net reveal that they will be at Gamescom in August to show new details of the long-awaited game.

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Along with confirming that Shenmue III will be at the event, the developers more specifically say that they plan to show brand new footage and even possibly make some announcements. Given that Shenmue III was announced two years ago at E3 2015, and we haven’t seen much of the game since, it will be good to see how the long-awaited sequel is shaping up.

Ys Net also revealed a new logo for the game, more in keeping with the first two titles in the series.

Gamescom will take place August 22 to August 26, 2017, so just two months before we can see more of Shenmue III. Shenmue II was released September 2001 on Dreamcast, and although it appeared on Xbox a year later, neither of the first two Shenmue games have ever been made available on PC. With any luck, a PC release of Shenmue I-II might be part of the Gamescom announcements.