Shenmue 3 has a brand new trailer, simply titled ‘The 1st Teaser’

Shenmue 3 The 1st Teaser

This is what a lot of you have been hoping for – a trailer for Shenmue III. This is the first step on the path towards it being a game that actually exists in the physical world. Finally, we get to see actual in-game content from Shenmue III. Get ready to feast your eyes upon it. You’ve been waiting since 2015 after all. 2015! 

I don’t actually know what Shenmue is. Is it a life sim game? Anyway, here are the best simulation games on PC, just in case.

There’s no dialogue, nor gameplay, in the trailer, but I ‘m assuming this is all taken in-engine at least. Given it’s on the PlayStation YouTube channel, it may not be wholly indicative of what the game will look like on PC, but it’s a start.

Presumably, this is what was being teased a couple of months ago when the developers said they’d be at Gamescom. Considering what was said back then, we may be able to expect a little more, so this may just be the start. Hopefully it is, because it’s a long wait until the game’s release in the second half of 2018.

If you want something to compare this new trailer to then check out the 2015 trailer below. Skip ahead to 1:50 to see how drastically different the game looks now – it’s much less like a set piece designed to show off a concept. That’s a good sign, at least.

This trailer is called ‘The 1st Teaser’, so hopefully that means more teasers will be released throughout Gamescom. Hopefully.