Ship of Heroes character creator alpha starts in September

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City of Heroes is one of many fallen MMOs, but few others share the love its fans held toward the game. The plug was pulled on it in 2012, and the void’s never truly been filled. The folks at developers Heroic Games are hoping to change that, and their new project Ship of Heroes is a mightily ambitious spiritual successor that looks to carry forward the tone and aesthetic from City of Heroes, along with a character creator worthy of a superhero.

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The MMO’s development is continuing apace, and an alpha for the game’s character creator is scheduled to begin this month. An “escorted” combat alpha begins in December, with beta testing to follow later in 2018. Details on how players will actually access these tests remain unclear, but you can check the official site for updates.

The video above demonstrates the current state of the game, and if you weren’t sure we really meant “alpha,” we definitely do. Animation, sound, and world detail all have a long way to go, but the developers are clear that they’re still in the early stages. 

It’s worth emphasizing that something as ambitious as a new MMO is a tough project to pull off. Ship of Heroes went to Kickstarter earlier this year, but was pulled from the crowdfunding site just a few days later when it became clear that it was unlikely to meet its funding goal. The team have since been collecting donations through its website.

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Belimawr avatarDarkedone02 avatar
Belimawr Avatar
1 Month ago

City of heroes as a game was good for creating heroes, but the actual gameplay was lacking, just constantly run to a door fight down a corridor and run back. If this is to work they really need to make things more interesting.

Darkedone02 Avatar
1 Month ago

I dislike the gameplay of city of heroes, but there was a massive community of that game, so it's fun to hang out with people to do missions and level up... however the gameplay is really really slow and i don't think I am epically strong from the git-go. Which is why I kinda like Champions Online a bit more, the combat in that game is why much more faster and deadlier if you don't know what your doing. One thing I also love about city of heroes, is that there is so much customization.... more then what champions online has offered.