Ship of Heroes trailer demonstrates new Street Sweeper moveset


NCSoft’s City of Heroes may be gone, but it’s definitely not forgotten. The feel of the much-loved MMO is inspiring one team of developers to create Ship of Heroes, a game that centres around what the future of the City of Heroes universe could be like. Heroic Games is setting their title aboard a massive starship called the FHS Justice, which contains a city not unlike Paragon City from City of Heroes. 

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A recent video highlighted the hero known as Ambassador who is in charge of the FHS Justice’s Justice Corps. We also got a chance to see one of the powersets that Heroic Games plans to be available to players called the Street Sweeper. The Street Sweeper powerset centres around a powerful futuristic shotgun and includes special types of shots that can set groups of enemies on fire, freeze them, and more.

The Street Sweeper is a short-range moveset for tank heroes that gives them additional offensive power to stack with their high HP and defense. Brawler-type fighters might find this moveset useful too as it looks great for crowd-control.

Ship of Heroes doesn’t have a firm release date yet. After Heroic Games canceled its Kickstarter for the game in April, it announced it would be changing focus to a smaller starter pack for the game based on subscription play. This means Ship of Heroes will likely launch sooner than previously anticipated. The launch target for Ship of Heroes is currently late 2018.