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15% of Shroud’s viewers followed him from Twitch to Mixer

We've got numbers on what Shroud's jump has meant for Mixer

Shroud was the second big streamer to hop from Twitch to Mixer, and the first whose popularity wasn’t entirely tied to the fortunes of Fortnite. Most of the big streaming services have started to sign exclusive deals with streamers, but we haven’t seen the how the numbers shake out over the long term. Now we’ve got some details on what Shroud’s move has meant.

Shroud lost viewers in the move, and that shouldn’t be surprising – his US audience on Twitch was bigger than the entire US audience on Mixer, as a report from StreamMetrics details. Shroud’s November viewership was over 231,000 unique viewers on Mixer, a drop of two-thirds from his 718,000 unique Twitch viewers in October.

15% of Shroud viewers who watched on Twitch in October also watched him on Mixer in November. That’s not a lot in percentage terms, but it is a big influx of new viewers for Mixer. 53% of Shroud’s Mixer viewers are new to the platform – and speculatively, this is likely the sort of stat that Microsoft and its competitors will be looking most closely at when making these sorts of deals.

The Mixer versus Twitch war has been a notable one over the past few months, and though streamers haven’t brought their entire audiences along for their respective jumps, it might just be enough to keep these reportedly massive exclusive contracts viable.

Meanwhile, Twitch has locked up DrLupo, TimTheTatman, and Lirik under exclusive contracts of its own. The platform wars are going to continue for the foreseeable future.