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Konami employee tries to kill his boss with a fire extinguisher

An employee from Metal Gear, Silent Hill 2 Remake, and eFootball developer Konami is arrested after trying to kill his former boss with a fire extinguisher.

Konami employee tries to kill his boss with a fire extinguisher: A man with a pale complexion and blonde hair looks into the mirror in Konami horror game Silent Hill 2

An employee at Silent Hill 2 Remake, eFootball, and Metal Gear studio Konami has reportedly been arrested for attempted murder after attacking their former boss with a fire extinguisher. According to reports, the attack happened on April 11 when a 41-year-old Konami employee entered the stealth and horror game company’s offices in the Ginza Six district of Tokyo, and struck his 48-year-old former boss on the head. He was then held down by other employees until the police arrived.

According to reports from local publications, the employee told police that he had been “harassed” by his former boss and that he had hit the victim with a fire extinguisher with the intent to kill him.

Although it is unclear specifically what games, services, or products both employees worked on at Konami, the two reportedly served on the same team. The suspect reportedly raised complaints to Konami superiors regarding his treatment at work, claiming that the boss was harassing him. Allegedly, no action was taken against the boss at that time.

The victim of the attack has reportedly suffered a head injury that will require him to remain in hospital for seven days.

After hitting his former boss with a fire extinguisher, the suspect and Konami employee was reportedly pinned to the ground by other Konami workers before being arrested on the spot by local police. This story was reported in various Japanese publications including Livedoor, and translated into English by SiliconEra.

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Konami currently has a variety of games in production including a remake of Silent Hill 2, as well as other projects in the horror game series such as Silent Hill Townfall and Silent Hill F. Rumours have also circulated regarding a possible remake of either the original Metal Gear Solid or Metal Gear Solid 3.

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