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New Silent Hill game from Konami hinted at by Korean rating

A new Silent Hill game could be on the way from Konami, as a ratings board has looked at Silent Hill: The Short Message, hinting the return of the horror game

New Silent Hill game from Konami hinted at by Korean rating: Silent Hill 2 protagonist James looks in a mirror

A rating for a new Silent Hill game has appeared in Korea, called Silent Hill: The Short Message, but the scope of the project and how it could relate to the ongoing rumours about the Konami series’ potential resurgence are unknown at this time. If it’s true, though, it looks like one of the best horror game series could be back soon.

According to the Game Rating and Administration Committee of Korea, a new Silent Hill game looks to be in the works, potentially at franchise holder Konami. Called Silent Hill: The Short Message, there’s no indication of the scope of the project, a release date, or what console and PC platforms it will eventually arrive on.

Slight spoilers for Silent Hill 2 to follow for the rest of this paragraph, but the name Silent Hill: The Short Message could be a reference to how protagonist James receives a letter from his wife Mary at the start of the game, which is then revealed to be a part of longer correspondence. This is purely conjecture for the new Silent Hill game however, and shouldn’t be taken as any form of gospel.

The new Silent Hill game rating also comes from a publisher listed as UNIANA (via Gematsu), which actually handles the publishing of some Konami games in Korea, like eFootball, the Metal Gear Solid franchise, and Super Bomberman R.

There have been a lot of new Silent Hill game rumours floating around recently, with one suggesting that horror game developer Bloober Team is handling a new game in the series for Konami, after it was announced that the companies would be working together on a “business alliance”.

Director of the live-action Silent Hill films, Christophe Gans, also said earlier in the year that a Silent Hill reboot was going to be happening. “The franchise is going to be relaunched in terms of video games” according to Gans, as Konami has “been galvanised by the success of the Resident Evil 2 and 3 reboots” which had both critical and commercial success of Capcom’s remakes.

It should be noted that outside of a potential new Silent Hill game, or adjacent project, called Silent Hill: The Short Message, there’s nothing concrete about what this will actually be. So all our talk of rumours and potential links to previous games is by no means confirmation of anything, please keep that in mind.