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SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow comes with more maps for everyone

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow

SimCity: Cities of Tomorrow might not allow you to build actual cities, but it will be launching with a bunch of new regions for players to construct their tiny toy towns in. Four new regions will rise out of the oceans, all tailored around the new features being introduced in the futuristic expansion.

The maps will be available to all players for free, including those that don’t buy Cities of Tomorrow, meaning that you can still play with those who own the expansion. 

The new regions are Desolation, Rambling Badlands, Verdant Jungle and Serenity Key – employing new texture sets like the tropics and desert wastelands. Beyond the textures, there will be some key differences between the maps, like the availability of water in tropical and desert regions.

The Desolation map contains a major regional challenge, where one of the cities has been struck by a massive ecological disaster. Toxic waste everywhere, people. To fix the polluted, irradiated area, cities will have to work together on clean up duty, constructing the Academy and Ground Scrubber, requiring high wealth sims. Apparently it will be worth the effort, as the site is the only three star city in the region.

I’ve been unable to play SimCity for more than 15 minutes before becoming horribly bored, and with EA Maxis sticking to their guns in regards to the absurd city size limitations, I’m not sure if any of this is going to draw me back in. Is anyone tempted by the prospect of new maps and ecological catastrophies?