SimCity Mac installation problems are resolved


SimCity launched on Apple Macs at the end of August, but unfortunatley for developer Maxis the release was plagued. It may not have been the disaster that Windows users suffered, but Mac players reported being unable to install the game. Thankfully Maxis appear to have fixed these problems, reporting that Mac installations should be fine now.

A quick look on the EA Forums reveals a thread explaining various issues players may have come across when attempting to install the game on Mac, with a list of repairs that can be made. This forum was not linked to in the tweet, so if your Mac version of SimCity is still running into problems, take a look at some of those solutions.

It should be noted that if you’re a Mac user and are thinking about picking up SimCity, the minimum requirements list “OSX 10.7.x minimum”. Confusingly, anything under OSX 10.7.5 will not run SimCity, despite the listed settings suggesting it will.

Whilst technical problems cannot always be avoided, it seems very unlucky that Maxis have suffered two pretty embarrassing launch days for SimCity. The Windows version is in good shape these days though, and continues to receive decent patch work. The only thing that needs repairing now would seem to be relationships with the game’s players.