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Factorio meets Monument Valley in new factory simulator Sixty Four

Sixty Four blends the factory simulation design of Factorio and Satisfactory with the clean, elegant visuals of puzzle game Monument Valley.

Factorio meets Monument Valley in new simulation game Sixty Four: A collection of machines from Sixty Four.

Games like Factorio, Satisfactory, and Infinifactory have offered a successful twist on traditional simulation games by tapping into an audience desire to set up complicated automated systems. Something about building a digital Rube Goldberg machine, capable of accomplishing simple or sophisticated tasks thanks to the player’s ingenuity, is enticing. A new game called Sixty Four is working within this genre, but has added novel tweaks like a mysterious narrative, design elements drawn from idle games, and a distinct visual style.

Sixty Four, from Oleg Danilov, is a mix of management games like Factorio and the clean, minimalist presentation of Shapez or Monument Valley. It begins with players constructing very simple machines using cubes. Moving through the game unlocks ever more sophisticated devices and building resources that complicate the objectives necessary to build an automated factory.

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Sixty Four’s trailer hints at a narrative presented through text bubbles that mimic conversations between the player and an unknown companion. We don’t know if these exist in the full game or are only shown to contextualize the teaser’s video, but the Steam description mentions “messages from an unknown entity” which sound as if they’re likely going to take this form. These texts combine with a stunning visual style and lush soundtrack to suggest a greater mystery to Sixty Four’s narrative.

Luckily, we won’t have to wait long to dig in further. Sixty Four is set to launch on Steam on March 4, 2024.

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