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Back 4 Blood style horror FPS announces launch, and it’s very soon

Sker Ritual, a multiplayer spin-off of indie horror Maid of Sker with Back 4 Blood and Call of Duty Zombies style shooting, launches soon.

Back 4 Blood style horror FPS launch date: A monstrous man in a top hat, from Sker Ritual.

There’s always room for another multiplayer horror FPS. Though classics like Left 4 Dead 2 and Killing Floor 2 have managed to stay fairly active many years after they first came out, new entries to the blood soaked genre are always launching. The next one lurching toward us over the horizon is Sker Ritual, an action focused, Back 4 Blood reminiscent spin-off of indie horror game Maid of Sker — and its creators have just announced it’s leaving Steam Early Access and coming out in its final form very soon.

The horror game takes notes from other spooky wave-based FPS games, like Call of Duty Zombies, but combines it with the early 20th century Welsh setting (and local monsters) of creator Wales Interactive’s 2020 indie, Maid of Sker. In Sker Ritual, players can head into matches on their own or form groups of up to four to try to survive against the vicious enemies haunting its four maps.

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Sker Ritual has been in Steam Early Access for a little while now, but it’s 1.0 update will see the game launch officially, and bring plenty of new features, like added story, fresh weapons, and game objectives with it. As in the Early Access version, the combat is given a unique touch with upgradable powers channelled through Celtic gods and weapons with steampunk designs.

Sker Ritual is currently available in Early Access, but it officially launches on April 18 on Steam.

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