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How to harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones

An early-game mission tasks you with finding Acacia in Skull and Bones, but where can you find it and how do you harvest the material?

How do you harvest Acacia in Skull and Bones? You’ll need this wood type in order to complete the Tools of the Trade contract in Ubisoft’s new pirate adventure, but where can you find Acacia, and how do you harvest it?

After jumping into Skull and Bones, you might want to make sure you’ve got a qualifying stream on to earn some Skull and Bones Twitch Drops on the side. With the Skull and Bones release date upon us, harvesting Acacia will soon be something you’ll need to know how to do. Luckily, we’ve got all you need to know.

How do you harvest Acacia?

Acacia can be harvested once you’ve unlocked the Saw tool by crafting it through the Carpenter. 

With your Saw in hand, head to a location with plentiful Acacia and approach it. A mini-game will appear, which will help you to harvest more Acacia, but you can also turn on auto-harvesting in the settings menu to do this automatically. Note that you will earn less Acacia and it will take longer than completing the mini-game.

If a prompt doesn’t appear to begin the mini-game you may have to wait for the resource to regenerate or head to another area. This usually happens if another player has already harvested the nearby Acacia.

skull and bones acacia can be found in chests occasionally

Where can you find Acacia?

Acacia gathering spots are marked on the map. Approach the area, and click on the harvesting prompt to begin the mini-game.

Acacia can be found around Sainte-Anne, and should be marked on your map once you begin the Tools of the Trade contract. There should be extra materials around each point of interest.

You can also find Acacia in the early-game by traveling to the east island and checking a chest on the ground. This is the earliest point in the game that we’ve been able to obtain Acacia so far, and you must do it before traveling to Sainte-Anne.

You can use Acacia to build the Rammer, as well as other Skull and Bones ship types. You’ll also need it to craft Acacia Planks by visiting the refinery. Now that you’re all set with plentiful Acacia, why not check out the adorable Skull and Bones pets you can bring aboard your ship?