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Skull and Bones pet list - all pirate ship companions

Animal companions are available as Skull and Bones pets, so the most difficult decision you might have is which creature you should adopt.

A cat, one of the Skull and Bones pets, looks out at the horizon.

What Skull and Bones pets can you have? It’s only natural that there should be pets in Skull and Bones, after all, cats are a common shipmate, taken on board to keep the vermin away. As an up-and-coming pirate legend, you certainly don’t want rats causing havoc to your cargo and your crew, so learn from past mistakes and get your own pet as you embark on your new life of piracy.

As we await the Skull and Bones release date after a colossal six delays, it’s finally time to start thinking about the really important stuff. Naturally, we’re talking pirate pets. So far, only a couple of Skull and Bones companions have been revealed, but we know from various betas that more will become available in the pirate game. To take things further, all of them have cute outfits available too – because what’s the use of a Skull and Bones pet if you can’t dress it up in a tricorn hat?

A lemur and a cat, two of the confirmed Skull and Bones pet companions.

All Skull and Bones pets list

Here are all available companions on the Skull and Bones pets list so far:

  • Clumsy Feno – lemur: 2,000 Silver
  • Bravo Neko – cat: 500 Gold
  • Mr Maroon – lemur: 1,000 Gold
  • Cookie – lemur: Beta reward
  • Snow Leopard – cat: Twitch Drop

While these are the only Skull and Bones companions so far, more are going to become available following the game’s full release. Presumably, a parrot pet can’t be far off.

In a 2022 tweet showing Skull & Bones pets, the cat and lemur pets were both shown at the ship’s helm, keeping a watchful eye on any incoming danger. Though no more pets have been officially announced, we know more are coming. Ubisoft confirmed to PCGamesN in 2022 that it’s keeping them under wraps, confirming “Pets are indeed part of the customization options. Cats will be available – as for the rest, it’s going to be a surprise!”

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How to get Skull and Bones pets

Each of the Skull and Bones companions are unlocked via different methods. Some might be Twitch drops or quest rewards, while other can be purchased through the in-game store. 

As of February 8, 2024, the launch of the Skull and Bones open beta, an new companion has been added as a reward for Skull and Bones Twitch Drops. The Snow Leopard, a black and white cat, can be unlocked by watching players streaming the Skull and Bones beta. Cookie the adorable lemur, meanwhile, can be claimed by playing through the open beta, as one of five beta rewards.

Mr Maroon, one of the Skull and Bones pets, in the in-game ship customization menu.

How to equip a Skull and Bones pet

To equip you new pet to your Skull and Bones ship, head to the ship menu, which you can open while docked or as you prepare to set sail. From here, click ‘Manage Ship’, ‘Ship Cosmetics’,  then scroll to the ‘Pets’ section.

Here, you can either choose any of your owned pets, or unlock a new one with in-game currency.

There is plenty more wildlife to keep you, um, company as you journey through the choppy waters around Sainte-Anne and beyond. You won’t want to get too close to the sharks in the sea, but they can provide you with some valuable food in the early game, as do the fish. Meanwhile, stunning pink flamingos will fly over your head, but don’t let them distract you from the dangerous crocs hiding in shallow waters.

We’ll update this list as more pets are added to the Skull and Bones companion lists, as well as the cute and colorful outfits you can kit them out in. They’ll love it, honest. Before then, make sure you’re familiar with each of the Skull and Bones ship types and ship customization options. You’ll need all the storage and weapon capacity you can afford as you try to earn more Skull and Bones infamy, and work your way into pirate legend.