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Here’s how you can customise your ship in Skull & Bones

skull and bones ship customisation

That was a hell of a Skull & Bones E3 2018 showing, but over on Ubisoft’s site there was also information on the various ways in which you will be able to customise your ship in Skull & Bones.

Here’s what the Ubisoft blog post says: “On your journey to become a pirate king, you’ll acquire unique and formidable warships – so whether you want a quick and agile vessel, or a towering battleship, you’ll always have something in your arsenal to fit your play style. In addition to finding a vessel that suits you, you’ll be able to customize your ship with different weapons and crewmates to further refine your experience. Pirates who want to strike fear into the hearts of their enemies at first sight can also customize nearly every visual aspect of their ship, including sails, figureheads, ship wheels, paint colors, and pirate captain.”

You can also see mention of a legendary chest during the Skull & Bones Ubisoft E3 2018 press conference, which could be how you acquire new cosmetics in the game.

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There’s a mix of gameplay and cosmetic options in there to pick between, and currently it’s not clear how we’ll acquire these upgrades. In the meantime, here’s the Skull & Bones E3 2018 Hunting Grounds trailer.

The trailer also shows off what appears to be different rarities for options like cannons, which is a little worrying considering the controversy that surrounded Battlefront 2’s gameplay-changing loot boxes.