Free-to-play MMO Skyforge has an expansion on the way, and it’s about invading plants

Skyforge Phytonide Invasion

That’s an invading force of plant life, by the way, not an expanion about breaking into botanical gardens. In any event, Skyforge‘s Phytonide invasion commences 28 August, adding a considerable chunk of new gameplay and the chance to earn rewards and bonuses unrestricted by weekly limits.

The Phytonides Invasion is the lastest content update for Obsidian and Allods Team’s MMO, following the hefty Crucible of the Gods update for Skyforge earlier this month.

As the story goes, residents of peaceful Aelion recently picked up signals of a massive invading force (of plants, don’t forget) several days ago and are bracing for contact this Friday.

“Phytonides are much more than mere plants,” reads the expansion’s press release, reinforcing in your mind that they absolutely are, “and are known for rapidly evolving based on their current needs.

“Eliminating all traces of these invaders is essential in preventing their inevitable spread across the planet. The results of this Invasion will play a hand in deciding Aelion’s fate and confirm whether or not these young gods are truly capable of protecting their home.”

Reports of gardening centres across Aelion being ransacked have yet to be confirmed.