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Skyforge’s new major update, Aelion’s Call, is live


Our Phil recently wrote about how Skyforge’s next big update would be about invading alien plants, and now it’s live. Funny how that happens. The update brings with it a host of new features for the free-to-play MMO.

It includes Skyforge’s second raid, a new catch-up system for lower prestige players looking to catch up to their higher-prestige friends, chat-updates, class balancing, the Grand Prix Event – which allows players the opportunity to acquire additional ability loadouts – costumes, a special mount, and more.

I quite like Skyforge’s style. The way it blends the old with the new – knights in shining armour weilding massive gatling guns should be in every game.

Here’s the launch trailer, which I think is in English but I’m not entirely sure:

If you want to read the full list of tweaks, the patch notes are here. I suggest you make yourself a coffee.