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Bizarre new horror game suddenly rated 97% on Steam

Slay the Princess has just dropped on Steam, and the horror game visual novel is getting rave reviews and reception from players already.

Slay the Spire Steam: a black and white pencil drawing fron the first-person perspective of a women in a dress looking scared, and a person holding a dagger

Slay the Princess is Steam’s current surprise hit, as the reception to the horror visual novel has been nothing but positive. With a unique pencil art style and a narrative about slaying a princess that’ll do whatever it takes to stop you, this indie is getting all the love.

Slay the Princess is a visual novel horror game that just released on Monday, October 23, and it’s already getting an incredibly positive reception. With beautiful hand-penciled art and just two voice actors carrying the experience, it’s all about slaying a princess instead of saving her.

You’ll make choices, try not to die, and go through some existential decisions while doing so. The princess will try to stop you from slaying her, but everything else in the game is telling you this is what needs to happen. If you’re itching for a spooky Halloween game that’ll have you thinking for days afterward, Slay the Princess is here to scratch it.

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What’s a great surprise with Slay the Princess is the immediate critical acclaim it’s getting across the board. Of over 450 reviews on Steam 97% are positive, and based on five Metacritic reviews the visual novel horror game is sitting at a nine out of ten, although that may shift as more reviews come in.

If Slay the Princess has now piqued your interest, there’s actually a launch discount on Steam of 10%, so you can expect to pay $16.19 / £13.49 until Thursday, November 2. You can learn more about the game over on its Steam page.

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