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Horror game fans rejoice, Slenderman is finally coming back

Slenderman The Arrival, based on the iconic creepypasta, is seemingly getting either a sequel or a remaster, as Blue Isle Studios teases a new horror project.

Slenderman new game: A monster in a suit, Slenderman from horror game Slender The Arrival

Slenderman is finally, fearfully, making a comeback. The suited and pale-faced king of creepypasta, horror games haven’t seen much of Slendy ever since 2013’s Slender The Arrival, sequel to the – at the time – groundbreaking Eight Pages. Now, however, developer Blue Isle Studios is teasing either a remaster or a full-on follow up to its terrifying smash hit, sharing a trailer and a countdown, alongside some telling updates to the Slender The Arrival Steam page. The monster that made a thousand terrified YouTubers is returning. Time for another rewatch of Marble Hornets, and maybe some panic-reducing breathing exercises.

Let’s start with the trailer. Accompanied by the foreboding caption “he’s waiting,” it appears to show the creaky staircase from the end of Slender The Arrival. Flickering lights, that piercing TV static – yep, this is definitely Slenderman. Check it out for yourself below:

YouTube Thumbnail

Now, if that weren’t enough of a tease, Blue Isle has also launched a countdown on its official website. As of this writing, we’re at 34 days and seven hours until whatever it is – presumably Slenderman in full, tentacled beast mode – jumps out and makes us fall off our chairs. A little calculation puts the end date for the countdown as July 28. It’s looking like a Slenderman summer, people.

New Slenderman game: A countdown for Slender The Arrival remaster or sequel

But what exactly is this new project? While we’d like to say it’s a full Slender sequel, there’s perhaps a greater possibility that this is either a remake or a remaster of The Arrival. Taking a look through the Slender The Arrival Steam backend, there have been several updates in the past few days regarding build numbers and download packages.

It seems like Blue Isle might be replacing the current version of Slender The Arrival with something new, perhaps signalling an updated, refreshed edition of the original game.

Slenderman new game: A changelog from the Slender The Arrival Steam page

Dead Space. Silent Hill 2. Resident Evil 4. Horror game remakes have been mighty popular lately, so this seems like a shrewd move. We’ll have to wait – backed into a corner, desperately clutching a flashlight – and see.

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