Slice of bullet sponge, anyone? Call of Duty: Ghosts Heavy Duty mode tops up HP

Heavy Duty mode increases HP for Call of Duty: Ghosts players.

It’s hard to know just yet how Heavy Duty mode’s HP boost will affect Ghosts’ multiplayer dynamic. Perhaps, as some have speculated, it’ll feel more like ‘classic CoD’, and we’ll shoot it up like it’s 2007. Maybe we’ll see injured players retreating to the map’s corners to lick their wounds, to the strains of ‘War is Over’. Whatever the consequences, as of last night it’s in the game.

Heavy Duty should offer an interesting counterpoint to Hardcore, which slices HP down to next to nothing. Beyond the new mode, there are nerfs in store for sniper riflers. Iron sights speed has been reduced, as has the flinch benefit granted by the Focus perk.

Elsewhere, you’ll find new loadouts in Infected mode, and five squad points for each soldier in the first five levels of progression. Field Order will now grant 100xp on pickup. And if you’ve been taking advantage of exploits to access unlimited perks or render yourself invisible, well – I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news.

Are you still pootling about Ghosts’ multiplayer? Steam stats at launch suggested it was down about 30% from Black Ops II. I’d suggest that’s not a good sign.

Thanks, VG247.