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Move over Balatro, one of the most moreish roguelikes just hit Steam

Slice & Dice is a new tactical dice rolling roguelike title that's just released on Steam, quickly stealing our time from playing Balatro.

slice and dice

The roguelike genre of games is constantly evolving and developing new subgenres within its premise. With dozens of addicting new releases each year, there have been many that have caught our eye over the last few months, including Balatro, which has become the premiere roguelike game of the year so far. However, there is a new contender on Steam that’s just released that might be gambling its way to the top of the charts soon enough.

Slice & Dice comes from developer Tann, and the roguelike game has been available on mobile platforms for some time, but it has finally made its way over to Steam, a treat for those who’ve been playing on mobile and have been looking for a PC release.

In Slice & Dice, which launched on March 20, players control five heroes, each of which has their own unique dice that guide their play style. Players fight their way through 20 levels, and losing one single battle completely ends your run. There are six different game mode categories, and within those categories there are sub-categories, creating a ridiculous amount of customizing that will certainly satiate those who become addicted to its gameplay loop.

There is a ton of content here, with 128 hero classes, 73 monster types, and 473 items available. While there is a ton here to sift through, the gameplay is simple turn-based combat that gets deeper the harder you crank up the difficulty.

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There are clear comparisons to be made here to Balatro – but what separates Slice & Dice is its core dice-rolling gameplay mechanic, which creates some ridiculous strategy and randomness possibilities.

If you’re looking to dip your feet into Slice & Dice to see if you like it, there is a free Steam demo available here. If you’re ready to buy the whole game, it’ll cost you just $8.99 / £7.13.

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