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Warner Bros to suddenly delist indie game, so solo dev makes it free

Warner Bros is delisting indie game Small Radios Big Televisions from Steam, so the solo developer has made it free to download for all.

Small Radios Big Televisions Steam delisting: a factory with a red sky behind it

Indie game Small Radios Big Televisions is set to be delisted from Steam and PlayStation by Warner Bros Discovery, so the solo developer has released the game for free, meaning anyone can try the point-and-click puzzle game after it’s made unavailable for purchase.

Small Radios Big Televisions is a 2016 indie game made by Owen Deery, under the studio name Fire Face, where you explore abandoned factories and go inside virtual worlds in cassette tapes. With a soundtrack that warps depending on which of the 30 tapes you have and items to find, Deery’s solo point-and-click esoteric adventure oozes style.

Deery says in a post from Tuesday, March 5 that “Warner Bros Discovery have informed me they will be ‘retiring’ my game Small Radios Big Televisions from both Steam and PS4 stores.”

Small Radios Big Televisions Steam delisting: a blue sky background with a screenshotted tweet in front of it.

In the replies, Deery claims that “‘business changes’” have contributed to WB’s decision to delist the game, with Warner Bros subsidiary Adult Swim Games publishing the game back when it was released. Deery says that while Small Radios Big Televisions has been made available for free on the Fire Face website, it should be up and purchasable on Steam and PlayStation for the next few weeks.

PCGamesN has reached out to both Deery and Warner Bros regarding the game’s imminent delisting for more information and will update this story if we receive any responses.

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You can still find Small Radios Big Televisions available for purchase on Steam as of publication right here, with Deery also releasing the game for free on the Fire Face website.

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