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2024’s most promising new MOBA sets alpha playtest, and it’s very soon

Smite 2, the sequel to the 2014 Dota 2 and League of Legends competitor, is about to launch its first alpha weekend in the near future.

2024's most promising new MOBA sets alpha playtest, and it's very soon: A brunette woman in armor, from Smite 2.

The once crowded MOBA scene has settled down a little bit over the last few years. Though games like League of Legends and Dota 2 are firmly entrenched genre hits, new competitors just don’t pop up as often as they used to anymore. The exception, right now, is a sequel that follows up on a 2014 success: Smite 2. Anyone eager to see how it’s shaping up ahead of its beta launch this summer is in luck as the game’s first alpha weekend is arriving very soon.

Smite 2 is an updated version of the original MOBA, notable in part for allowing players to assume the role of various mythological figures, gods, and goddesses in battle. Though creator Titan Forge Games plan to continue supporting the first Smite going forward, work on the sequel announced earlier this year seems to have been progressing smoothly as the upcoming alpha indicates.

Smite 2’s alpha weekend is set to run throughout the May 2 weekend and will let players try out a roster of 14 different gods in the sequel’s updated Conquest mode. It’s the first of a number of planned alpha tests expected to run each month until Smite 2 is out in closed beta this summer. Some players who signed up on the game’s website will be invited to the alpha but everyone else can join by buying Smite 2’s Founder’s Edition, Deluxe Founder’s Edition, or Ultimate Founder’s Edition.

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Smite 2 will launch in beta this summer, but you can head to its Steam page now to get ready for its May 2 alpha weekend. Check that out for more information or to get entry to the alpha by buying one of the Founder bundles right here.

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