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Apollo’s Racer Rumble, a Mario Kart-style minigame for Smite, is live from April 11 - May 9

Apollo's Racer Rumble Smite

Hi-Rez have been accused of copying other games more than once in the past, but there’s no escaping the fact that this new minigame for Smite is a straight-up Mario Kart clone. In it, you tear down cartoon racetracks, picking up power-ups and jostling for pole position. 

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The power-ups here are called Relics, and one of them looks suspiciously like a spiked shell.Even the way the cars drift with a little hop evokes the Nintendo racer.

Apollo's Racer Rumble Smite

Anyway, if this sounds like fun, you can play the mode between April 11 and May 9, kicking off a series of limited-time minigames dubbed Adventures. Competing can even net you an exclusive skin.

Players can also buy the Racer Adventure Bundle, which gets you the following:

  • Winner’s Circle Apollo
  • Apollo’s new ride
  • A race-themed Loading Pedestal that evolves as you play the Adventure
  • A Gold Key

The mode comes with two tracks: Elysium Beach and Molten Pass. Check it out in the trailer above.