Play Smite as a happy little tree with the new Bob Ross Bundle

Smite Bob Ross

In one of the oddest crossovers in gaming, Hi-Rez Studios have partnered with Twitch and the estate of painter and world’s most pleasant man Bob Ross for a special bundle for the MOBA Smite. Featuring a themed skin, a new loading screen, a new jump stamp and more, this bundle should bring some joy to your next Smite session.

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The main focus for this bundle is a special skin for Sylvanus which turns the woodland god into Bob Ross, complete with his palette, brush and easel. Sylvanus’ treant has also transformed into one of Ross’ happy little trees, complete with a mossy beard and a big old smile. I’m disappointed the treant doesn’t get Ross’ amazing perm as well but we can’t have everything.

Sylvanus’ abilities have received a Bob Ross makeover as well, with his ultimate ability Wrath of Terra now summoning paintbrushes from the ground and turning the landscape into a typical Bob Ross painting. Sylvanus attacks enemies with paint when using this skin and instead of summoning Wisps, he summons puffy clouds to heal nearby allies. If the enemy team has a Cupid wearing the ‘Lil Devil skin, Ross can finally live out his dream of literally beating the devil out of his brush.

Besides the Sylvanus skin, the Bob Ross Bundle adds a jump stamp of Ross’ face, a special loading frame and loading skin to use in-game. If you can’t wait to spread the joy of ganking with your friends, this bundle is currently set to launch May 9 on PC, costing 700 gems or $9.99 via Twitch Commerce.