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New Smite god Camazotz brings the bats in time for Halloween

Smite Camazotz

The Mayan God of bats, Camazotz, is the latest deity to join Smite’s battleground of the gods ready to feast on his colleagues’ essences.

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To tie in with his batly demeanor, all dead enemies leave a little pool of essence behind when they die which ol’ Cammy can slurp up for some extra health and mana regen.

Continuing the bat theme, Camazotz can flap into the air and pounce on his next victim, or screech at them to silence enemies or just send a bunch of vampire bats out to drink some essence and bring it back to him for a top-up.

Though he might sound like a nice guy, the Mayans believed Camazotz once killed every single human in the world which, as we now know, is a slight exaggeration.

If you were a little bored of the old Romanian vampire trope for Halloween at least there’s now a viable alternative. For more info on how the old boy plays, check out all the patch notes here or see some found footage of him in action.