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Smite’s next god is Cerberus, The Warden of the Underworld


The next God coming to Smite will be Cerberus, Warden of the Underworld. The new character will be available in patch 4.25, expected to arrive on PC on January 9.

Here’s an important reminder that SMITE contains a Bob Ross-themed skin.

Cerberus will be teased by developers Hi-Rez Studios at their annual fan conference, Hi-Rez Expo, later today. The three-headed canine God guards the gates of the underworld in Greek mythology to prevent the dead from escaping, and was often referred to as the hound of Hades, who is another playable God in Hi-Rez’s MOBA.

There’s a short teaser trailer that you can watch above. It doesn’t give away much about what Cerberus will be capable of, but he could be very mobile – the trailer shows him leaping into the air from the depths below. Despite Hi-Rez’s lack of information, however, we do know that Cerberus is, of course, a very good boy.

Hi-Rez also announced that they would be exploring two new pantheons in 2018. Season five will see the introduction of Gods from the Slavic pantheon, which informed much of the Eastern European folklore behind The Witcher series; and the Voodoo religion, which developed from the Caribbean island of Haiti and branched to many surrounding countries, including Cuba and some southern American states. According to a press release, the new Gods will be introduced “later this year.”