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Would you like to own a god? We’ve got five codes for Smite’s new one

Rama: Hindu demigod, handy with a blade.

If you’re going to need a lot of lore for your videogame, why not look to religious scripture? Smite developers Hi-Rez have found a near-bottomless pit of characters with backstories in the deistic faiths, which they’ve then pitted against each other in a competitive online arena, as you do.

Another update went live yesterday for the third-person MOBA on the rise; which Fraser couldn’t stop playing in his Smite review. It includes a new playable God, Rama, and a steely skin for lupine melee specialist Fenrir. You can have both if you’ll answer a question entertainingly for us.

Get codes to unlock Rama and the skin by answering this question in the comments below: which big-name game developer do you consider to be the most godlike? And what is their Ultimate ability?

We’ll be contacting the scribes of the five best comments via email, so please do make sure you’ve provided us with an address on your site profile.

Rama is the seventh avatar of the Hindu god Vishnu – and in the game. By sixteen, we’re told, he was already the “perfect embodiment of man” – strong, humble, handsome, patient, devout. At sixteen, my strongest achievement was that I knew all the words to Bloc Party’s Helicopter.

After 14 years in exile, his mission is to “set mankind on a path for peace”. Which makes playing against him in an opposing team seem pretty much indefensible, to be honest.

Fenrir’s new steel skin is named Metal Carnage. It comes attached to a big old scorpion tail, and is comprehensively demonstrated to the tune of bagpipes below:

So: that question. Answers in the thread below, please!

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