Sneak Energy voucher code gets you 15% off gamer drink

Sneak Energy, the popular energy drink for gamers, has a special voucher code for January which gets you a rare discount on its products

Sneak Energy sachets held next to a shaker.

Sneak Energy doesn’t often run discounts on their popular energy drink, so when they do, you’ll want to make sure you don’t miss out on the rare offer. Throughout January, you can grab 15% off Sneak orders over $70 USD or £70 GBP when you use the code listed below.

For those not in the know, Sneak Energy is a gamer drink designed to fill you with energy during long-haul gaming sessions. Perhaps you’re up all night striving to get the coveted first place in one the best battle royale games, or finding yourself saying ‘just one more hour’ over and over again in one of the most deeply immersive single-player MMOs – it’s gonna take a lot of energy to power through, and of course, you know how to sneak that energy into your system.

Sneak Energy is unique when compared to many other energy drinks, because you order sachets (or jars) of powder, which you then mix with water in your Sneak shakers to make a tasty beverage. There are a number of different flavours available, so chances are at least one of them will agree with you –  and if you prefer not having to mix yourself, there are pre-made options available too.

To access this deal, you’ll need to enter the code 15OVER70 when you get to the checkout. Depending on how much you spend, you could bag a pretty hefty discount. Since you need to spend over $70 USD/£70 GBP, this might be a good opportunity to save some pennies while stocking up your soft drink reserves for the next few months.