Feeling antisocial? Here are eight MMOs you can basically play alone

single-player MMOs

There’s a lot to like about MMOs: the humongous new worlds, the compulsive clicking, the levelling that never really ends. Everything but the people milling around in them, really. At least the rats in Skinner’s box only went in one at a time – they didn’t have to put up with the squeak of fellow rodents “looking for group” every 30 seconds.

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It’s this social irritant that’s inspired this week’s entry to the List Abyss (which you can find over on the PCGamesN YouTube channel): a selection of MMOs for misanthropes. These are the games you play if you want something massive and online without committing to the multiplayer part.

A name like ‘The Elder Scrolls Online’ promises the atmosphere of Skyrim with an internet connection. And sure enough, it makes for a great isolationist adventure in the mode of the single-player Elder Scrolls games. Leave the larger dungeons to the guilds and crouch-walk in the opposite direction, I say.

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