Caffeine-free version of Sneak Energy drink is good news for gamers

Sneak Energy has released a caffeine-free selection of flavours, called Sneak Hydrate, giving even more people the chance to try this tasty gamer drink.

Sneak Hydrate jars.

Sneak Energy, the popular energy drink for gamers, has added a caffeine-free version, Sneak Hydrate, to its catalog. The caffeine-free Sneak Energy flavors are Cherry Bomb, Electric Mango, and Raspberry Lemonade. With a lot of drinks, people complain that the variations without caffeine tend not to taste as nice, but having tried these ourselves, we can confirm that this tastes just as delicious as the original – a delightful treat to enjoy while playing the best PC games (especially the Raspberry Lemonade, my favorite).

This new caffeine-free release has made us excited to drink Sneak more often. It will be good news if you’re sensitive to caffeine, enjoy the taste of Sneak before bed, or if you just felt like the boundless levels of energy that Sneak provide made you feel a bit like you might blow a fuse. As a tasty, hydrating drink, you can sip away at any time of day, and by helping to keep you hydrated, it will help you to feel more energized through simple good health.

If you’ve been meaning to try this gamer energy drink for a while, perhaps Sneak Hydrate is the one to start with. If you’re planning on buying some, or indeed any Sneak products at all, we’re pleased to say that we have an exclusive offer code for our readers. Enter the code PCGAMES15 at the check-out and you’ll get yourself a 15% bargain if you spend $50 (£50).

If you’re shopping for the first time, remember to order yourself a Sneak shaker too, as it’s pretty much the best way to drink it. Either way, it’s important to make sure you stay hydrated while playing the likes of the best MOBAs, or battle royale games that you might have extended sessions with.