Exclusive 50% off deal on Sneak Energy gaming drink

Sneak Energy can keep you energised while gaming, so check out this exclusive deal for our readers that gets you a shaker and six sachets at 50% off

Sneak Energy sachets and accessories.

Sneak Energy is a drink you’ll want to have with you during those long-haul gaming sessions. While it’s an energy drink, it’s not jam–packed with sugars like some of the other ones out there and, right now, we have an exclusive deal for our readers that will get you a 50% discount if you order a shaker and sachet bundle through the links below and enter the code: NETWORKN50.

Those living in the US will be able to get the Monochrome Shaker which features the iconic Sneak bunny on a (you guessed it) black shaker, while UK readers can get the Purple Storm Shaker.

In addition to the shaker itself, you also get a selection of six sachets. You can mix these with water in order to create an energising drink. These come in various flavours, ranging from Sour Apple to Raspberry Lemonade. The selection of sachets that you receive will vary depending on your region.

Normally, these Sneak Energy shaker and sachet bundles along with the sachets would set you back $24 USD/£22 GBP, but now they’re $12 USD and £11 GBP respectively (if you use the code NETWORKN50). It’s a good opportunity to stock up and make sure you’ve got plenty to get you through long winter gaming sessions.

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