Enemies at the Gates: Watch every man die in Sniper Elite 3’s multiplayer

Sniper Elite 3 multiplayer

Gosh, Enemy at the Gates was a bit rubbish, wasn’t it? If you haven’t watched it – you lucky bugger – but rather like the idea of tense stand-offs between opposing snipers across massive distances, then you might want to play some of Sniper Elite 3’s multiplayer instead of watching Jude Law pretending to be Russian. 

Anyway, Sniper Elite 3 looks like it might be a good time, as war goes, and the multiplayer might be one of the best bits. Large open environments where cheeky enemies could be hiding anyway, just waiting to introduce your skull to a bullet? Who wouldn’t love that. Take a gander at the multiplayer shenanigans below. 

I did try to count how many chaps fell down due to a serious case of bullets entering internal organs, but I lost count at all the people who have ever lived. It’s certainly a rather gleefully violent trailer, which – if the small number of real snipers I’ve actually met is any indicator – isn’t very representative of the grisly task at all.

However, making serious points about wars and assassinations and that sort of thing probably isn’t best done in multiplayer shooting romps, and certainly not trailers. And it does look, I must admit, like something I’d rather like to do on June 27th when the game launches.

Cheers, RPS.