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Solium Infernum Bazaar – the best SI Legions and Praetors

Don't sleep on the Solium Infernum Bazaar, a place to bid on new Legions, powerful Titans, and unique artifacts to support your scheme.

The Adamantine Guard, one of the Solium Infernum Legions, who can be bid on in the SI Bazaar.

What are the best Legions and Praetors in the Solium Infernum Bazaar? Despite Rituals, Powers, Promotions, and Diplomacy, there is one main part of Solium Infernum that will likely get most of your attention, and that’s the Bazaar, the only place to get the highest quality workers to defend your claim for the throne.

While our Solium Infernum review confidently points out the ways in which Solium Infernum is different to any other strategy game, it is still a strategy game, so your armies are still somewhat important however you choose to play. During a game, you must boost your armies, or Legions, with Praetors and artifacts, or bid on altogether new and more powerful Legions, all of which are obtained from the Solium Infernum Bazaar.

The Solium Infernum Bazaar, showing three Legions available for bidding.

What is the Bazaar?

The Solium Infernum Bazaar is a rotating store of sorts, in which you bid for new Legions, Praetors, Artifacts, and Manuscripts using Tribute. Each item has a price that is reflective of how strong that item is, but, given that this is a bidding system, you can pay higher prices to increase your chances of winning, lest someone else take it instead.

There are multiple ways to win Solium Infernum, whether you want to take out all your opponents, go straight in for the kill at Pandaemonium, or charm your way to victory by Conclave vote, but all of them require some level of combat. To excel, you need the best Legions, which can be boosted further with Praetors and Artifacts. Even if you want to try and get the win purely through mental might, the Bazaar still stocks items you can use, with some Artifacts offering boosts to Prestige or Ritual resistance.

A The Stygian Guard, a knight in full armor and a red cape, and one of the best Solium Infernum Legions.

The best Solium Infernum Legions

Legions are your standard armies, varying in HP, combat ability, and attachment slots. Each Archfiend starts with their standard Legion, but can have multiple on the board at any one time – though this number is restricted, depending on the character and their current level. While Archfiend Legions are locked to that character, all other Legions that appear in the Bazaar can be bought and controlled by anyone.

The best Solium Infernum Legions to look out for are:

Abyssal Cavalry

  • Cost: 6x Soul, 2x Ichor, 5x Hellfire
  • Stats
    • HP: 7
    • Ranged: 0
    • Melee: 3
    • Infernal: 5
  • Traits
    • Eldritch Charge: +4 Infernal when attacking

Adamantine Guard

  • Cost: 6x Soul, 6x Ichor, 6x Hellfire, 6x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 16
    • Ranged: 6
    • Melee: 8
    • Infernal: 10
  • Traits
    • Iron Redoubt: +4 Melee when defending

Iron Maidens

  • Cost: 2x Soul, 6x Ichor, m4x Hellfire, 6x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 13
    • Ranged: 6
    • Melee: 3
    • Infernal: 3
  • Traits
    • Entrench: +4 Ranged when defending

Stygian Guard

  • Cost: 7x Soul, 4x Ichor, 7x Hellfire, 5x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 8
    • Ranged: 6
    • Melee: 4
    • Infernal: 8
  •  Traits
    • None

The Beast, a large, black, winged monster, and one of the best Solium Infernum TItans.

The best Solium Infernum Titans

Titans appear in the Legion tab of the Bazaar, and work in the same way: they occupy a canton, have their own HP and combat stats, and can engage in battle. However, they tend to be more expensive and more powerful than standard Legions, and you must pay for their upkeep each turn, or return them to the Bazaar. However, they can easily be used to march into Pandaemonium.

The best Solium Infernum Titans to save up for are:


  • Cost: 9x Soul, 5x Ichor, 8x Hellfire, 13x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 19
    • Ranged: 19
    • Melee: 0
    • Infernal: 18
  • Traits
    • Melee Last

Hellfire Ballista

  • Cost: 6x Soul, 7x Ichor, 9x Hellfire, 12x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 13
    • Ranged: 21
    • Melee: 6
    • Infernal: 6
  • Traits
    • Ranged Twice

Sons of Typhon

  • Cost: 10x Soul, 11x Ichor, 4x Hellfire, 7x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 25
    • Ranged: 12
    • Melee: 16
    • Infernal: 0
  • Traits
    • Melee Twice

The Beast

  • Cost: 13x Soul, 6x Ichor, 6x Hellfire, 6x Darkness
  • Stats
    • HP: 23
    • Ranged: 0
    • Melee: 17
    • Infernal: 21
  • Traits
    • Ranged Last
    • Teleport: Can move three cantons
    • Teleport Range: +2

Morax, a beautiful woman in gilded armor, and one of the best Solium Infernum Praetors.

The best Solium Infernum Praetors

Praetors’ use is twofold. Firstly, they can be added to Legions, leading from the front, meaning their stats and traits transfer to the Legion. Alternatively, they can be put forward in Praetor Duels, which can be called by you, or upon you by another Archfiend. With that in mind, it’s always useful to have at least one Praetor in your arsenal. Without one, you have no choice by to forfeit a duel.

The best Solium Infernum Praetors are:


  • Cost: 5x Soul, 10x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Ranged Last
    • Melee +4


  • Cost: 10x Soul, 11x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Ranged Twice
    • Ranged +3


  • Cost: 2x Soul, 4x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Melee Last
    • Ranged +2


  • Cost: 7x Soul, 13x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Infernal Twice
    • Infernal +5


  • Cost: 6x Soul, 9x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Accursed Genius: Adds and additional 2x Soul and 2x Darkness Tribute to Offerings if attached to a Place of Power.
    • Collector of Artifacts: Defeated opponents’ Artifacts are salvaged to your Vault.


  • Cost: 8x Soul, 11x Ichor
  • Traits
    • Infernal First
    • Infernal +3
    • Burning Hatred: Adds an additional 3x Fire Tribute to Offerings if attached to a Place of Power.

Most standard Praetors offer a buff to any one, or even two, of the combat stats. We haven’t included any of them here, as they are all similarly powerful, but depend greatly on your Legions and which stats you need to boost. For example, if you have a strong Legion with good ranged and infernal stats, but are weak in melee, you could add a Praetor that buff melee, such as Haagenti.

The Black Monolith, a towering black, carved obelisk, and one of the best Solium Infernum Artifacts.

The best Solium Infernum Artifacts

Artifacts can be added to your Legions or buildings, or can help cast powerful Rituals, so which to get, if any, greatly depends on your playstyle. So, gameplan dependent, here are the best Artifacts:

Adamantine Golem

  • Cost: 10x Soul, 11x Hellfire
  • Traits
    • Stunning Blow: Inflicted Melee damage is doubled, and reduces the opponent’s other attributes to zero for the rest of the turn.
    • Melee +5

Black Monolith

  • Cost: 6x Soul and 9x Darkness Tribute
  • Traits
    • Shadow Shield: This Place of Power or Stronghold cannot be captured. Does not apply to Pandaemonium.
    • Prestige +1

Great Horn of Doom

  • Cost: 11x Soul, 9x Hellfire
  • Traits
    • Panic: Dealing Ranged damage reduces the opponent’s other attributes to zero until the end of the combat. Does not work against Strongholds or Places of Power.

Great Scythe

  • Cost: 5x Soul, 5x Hellfire
  • Traits:
    • Vampiric Reaping: Immediately heals one HP per point of damage dealt during the Melee phase.
    • Melee +2

Ichor Vats

  • Cost: 2x Soul, 3x Hellfire
  • Traits:
    • Demonic Salve: The user fully heals at the end of each turn.

Infernal Engine

  • Cost: 7x Soul, 9x Hellfire
  • Traits
    • Siege Engine: Double damage against Places of Power
    • Ranged +2
    • Melee +2

Pseudomonarchia Daemonum

  • Cost: 13x Soul, 13x Darkness
  • Traits
    • Order Slots +1

Talisman of Greed

  • Cost: 8x Soul, 5x Darkness
  • Traits
    • Tribute Quality +1

The Meketrix Sigil

  • Cost: 7x Soul, 8x Hellfire
  • Traits
    • Infernal Resonance: Half the user’s Infernal attribute is added to damage dealt in other phases.

Wicked Wain

  • Cost: 7x Soul, 8x Hellfire
  • Traits
    • Arcane Shield: Zero Ranged damage taken

Pieces of paper with a ghostly face on, depicting the Rite of Infernal Awe, one of the best Solium Infernum Manuscripts.

The best Solium Infernum Manuscripts

Manuscripts come in four forms, and can be used to buff you Legions, increase your own Powers, teach duelling techniques to your Praetors, or unlock schematics for nerfing your opponents’ powers.

You can get by without them, but if you have a particularly strong plan working for you, the best Manuscripts are:

  • Rites
  • Machines


The Rites are the best Manuscripts to look out for, as they increase a specific power, giving you more resistance to Rituals of that type, but, more importantly, giving you more chance of success in that area. For example, if you wanted to carry out Charisma Rituals, you could use the Rite of Infernal Awe to increase your chances of success. This would also unlock any new Stratagems, Abilities, and bonuses that come with that power. Essentially, if these Manuscripts come up in your Bazaar rotation, they’re a cheaper way of leveling up quickly.


Machines are the next best Manuscripts to look out for, but also depend on what you’re looking for. Unlike Rites, which buff your own powers, Manuscripts reduce the powers of all other Archfiends. Therefore, they could come in handy if you’re planning on carrying out any Rituals. For example, if you are preparing to use any Destruction Rituals, the Machine of Agony reduces the Destruction of all opponents, giving you a higher chance of success.

As we mentioned, the Solium Infernum Bazaar is random, so you might not even get a chance to bid on some of the best Legions and Praetors above. Even if you do, they could be swiped from you with a higher bid. Make sure your tactics in the political game don’t entirely revolve around getting that one specific item, then, by choosing the best Solium Infernum Archfiend, and perhaps mastering Solium Infernum Rituals, giving you more ways to dominate in Hell.