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The best Solium Infernum Relics

As you consider the fine details of your bid for the throne of Hell, choosing Solium Infernum Relics is one of your first secret schemes.

The blood-red crown of bureaucracy, one of the Solium Infernum Relics, sits above the throne of hell.

What are the best Solium Infernum Relics? As with most RTS games, the road to victory in Solium Infernum is heavily based on the strength of your game plan. Set in the depths of Hell, the road to victory in Solium Infernum is also influenced, then, by just how scheming and conniving you can be – but a little help from some outside factors never hurt anybody, right?

Solium Infernum Relics are items that grant a specific buff to the character holding them, and are locked in at the very start of the strategy game, the same time as you select your Archfiend. Each Solium Infernum Archfiend is automatically equipped with Relics that suit them, but you can change this to match your own playstyle. Choosing something entirely out of character for your Archfiend may even help lull your foes into a false sense of security – Solium Infernum is a game of deception, after all.

The golden Amulet of Opulence, one of the best Solium Infernum Relics.

The best Solium Infernum Relics

The best Solium Infernum Relics really depend on how you want to play, and given that you must choose your Relics before even your first turn, you need a game plan in mind. Here are the best Relics to consider for different playstyles.

The best general Relics

The best Relics for more general mechanics, such as Tribute and Prestige, are:

  • Ring of Tyranny: Draw an extra Tribute token to choose from when Seeking Tribute.
  • Ring of Spectacle: Prestige earned from Praetor Duels is multiplied by 1.5.
  • Crown of Bureaucracy: Gain an additional order slot, up to a maximum of six.
  • Amulet of Opulence: Increase Tribute Quality rating by one.

The silver Ring of Command, one of the best Solium Infernum Relics for battle.

The best Relics for battle

The best Relics to power up your Legions and defeat opponents and locations in straight up combat are:

  • Ring of the Loyal Servant: Your Personal Guard starts with a Promotion.
  • Ring of Glory: Prestige earned from Legion Combat is multiplied by 1.5.
  • Ring of Command: Increase Command Rating by two (the number of Legions allowed on your board at any one time).

A crown that looks like woven metallic barbed wire, the Crown of the Power Behind the Throne, is one of the best Solium Infernum Relics.

The best Relics for democracy

The best Relics for cheating, lying, and scheming your way to the throne are: 

  • Crown of the Kingmaker: You may select a “puppet” within the first ten turns. If your chosen puppet wins the game via election, you steal their victory instead.
  • Crown of Power Behind the Throne: If you are the Blood Vassal of the Election winner, you steal their victory.

The Ring of the Arcane, one of the best Solium Infernum Relics for Rituals, glows red.

The best Relics for sorcery

The best Relics for a more all-round Archfiend, and for carrying out more successful Rituals are: 

  • Ring of the Seer: +1 to Prophecy Ritual Strength and +2 to Deceit Ritual Resistance.
  • Ring of the Liar: +1 to Deceit Ritual Strength and +2 to Prophecy Ritual Resistance.
  • Ring of the Arcane: +1 to Destruction Ritual Strength and +2 to Destruction Ritual Resistance.

Choosing the best Solium Infernum Relics at the start of the game, then, will forge the path you must walk to claim your rightful place on the throne. With all political games, though, you never know what someone else is planning, and just when they might throw you a curveball, so be prepared for the later game with the best Solium Infernum Legions money can buy, and learn some terrifyingly destructive Solium Infernum Rituals – you never know when you might need them.