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Viral Korean anime gets stunning Genshin Impact style RPG

Inspired by the hit Korean anime and channeling Genshin Impact, this stunning RPG game is just what we need until Zenless Zone Zero drops.

Viral Korean anime gets stunning Genshin Impact style RPG: A black haired anime boy holding two daggers across his chest looks into the camera, shadowy mist surrounding him

One of my (many) toxic traits is my obsession with all things K-drama. From the likes of popular series like Squid Game to bizarre variety shows like Running Man, I’ve seen them all – Korean TV just hits different. It’s no surprise, then, that Solo Levelling: Arise caught my eye given that its based on the viral web show of the same name. As my pulls in Genshin Impact continue to underwhelm and the wait for Zenless Zone Zero feels never-ending, it looks like this may just be what I’ve been looking for.

You are Sung Jinwoo, the ‘weakest hunter of all mankind.’ While your peers excel and slay all kinds of vicious beasties, you maintain the level of ‘E-rank’ in Solo Leveling: Arise – not exactly what you expect from a handsome anime game protagonist, am I right?

If it could go wrong for our hunter, it probably (no, definitely) has, so his foray into a slightly more challenging D-tier double dungeon goes just as one might expect. With his entire party massacred and his own life seemingly hanging in the balance, he’s scooped up by a bizarre entity known as The System, saved from death and gifted with the ability to level up his powers – akin to, well, a videogame.

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This is where Solo Leveling: Arise comes in. As Jinwoo you’ll be able to tear through various different dungeons, and bend the shadows of your unfortunate enemies to your whim. Create an army, couple them with several of the show’s best hunters (including the beautiful Cha Hae-In and fire-slinging Choi Jong-In), and you’ll be storming through hordes of monsters in no time.

You’ll be able to level up your skills, customize your build, and accrue swathes of gear to help you take down fearsome bosses – some of which you’ll most definitely recognize – I know I do, but I won’t spoil them here.

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If all of this sounds like your cup of tea, the Solo Leveling: Arise pre-registrations have just opened for mobile and PC. 

If you do choose to sign up, you’ll receive the ‘Chic Black Suit’ costume for Jinwoo, two mana crystals, 100,000 gold, and legendary level artifact sets. If you also sign up via email, Yoo Jinho – Jinwoo’s best friend in the anime – will be added to your roster of hunters upon release.

Suddenly, the wait for the Zenless Zone Zero beta doesn’t feel as bad. If you’re looking for something else to while away the hours with in the meantime, though, we have a list of all the best open-world games if exploring the vast emerald fields of Teyvat is your idea of paradise.

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