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Story-rich strategy RTS Songs of Silence debuts demo on Steam

Songs of Silence, an up-and-coming RTS with a lot of promise and beautiful artwork, now has a free demo on Steam to download and try out.

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Arise RTS fanatics, Songs of Silence is an upcoming strategy-laced fantasy game with a demo you can play now on Steam. It has the style of Songs of Conquest and comes with many features, including hero development and kingdom management. Moreover, Songs of Silence seems committed to being a story-rich game and aims to offer players a journey with stakes and intense combat.

Set in two distinct fantasy worlds under threat by an all-consuming void known as Silence, developer Chimera Entertainment’s Songs of Silence will focus on classic 4X game features similar to Songs of Conquest across three unique factions. Players will have battle options in the shape of cards to build a deck to influence the outcome of combat through direct damage and status effects.

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The Songs of Silence demo launch on Steam provides a peek into how this gameplay rolls out in the earlier parts of the game, showing off the turn-based kingdom management and card building. According to most players who’ve played the demo, Songs of Silence shows promise.

A few other fans express that there are caveats to its gameplay. “Hero pathfinding is non-existent,” claims one user on the game’s Steam forums. “After combat, you have to wait until all units disappear from the world map one by one while you can’t do anything until it is done.”

Chimera Entertainment is addressing such criticism on its forums now with responses to feedback that detail plans to make the experience better while in development, including the addition of a way to adjust the battle speed and other ongoing tweaks leading into the game’s final version before Songs of Silence releases on PC in the spring of 2024.

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